All books are subject to a peer review process. The quality of the manuscript and the target audience are important for our review decision; however, we have a professional staff to support manuscripts in various stages of completion. Upon acceptance, we contract with you to publish your book, where upon completion, you are paid some of the highest royalties in the industry for your work. Royalties vary according to the number of copies sold and amount of editing performed by the North American Business Press editorial staff. Royalty fees vary, but the average royalty paid to our authors is 20%. We have an extensive network that distributes your book to both academic bookstores and typical retail book chains. If you are interested, use the Author Inquiry Form above or contact our book program manager at for further details on how to get started. If your book project is further along, please complete the Book Author Inquiry form below and someone will contact you shortly.


Some of our author benefits include:

Production Services:
• Professionally edit manuscript
• Create camera-ready format
• Research market potential
• Create custom cover design
• Scalable Print Run
• Generate Digital Master Copy
• ISBN and Copyright Registration

Promotion services:
• Up to 10 evaluation copies sent to selected authors or industry leaders
• Worldwide wholesale and retail distribution
• Discounted copies for your promotional appearances and book signings
• Press release
• Periodic accounting of sales activity
• Showcase your book at numerous academic organizations and conferences
• Earn royalties up to 30%
• Receive free one-year subscription to our 12 academic journals
• Optional conversion to an eBook format
• Create optional Blackboard, eCollege and Moodle Course pack

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