Journal Submissions

Articles should be submitted following the American Psychological Association format. Articles should not be more than 30 double-spaced, typed pages in length including all figures, graphs, references, and appendices. Submit, via email, an electronic attachment copy  of your manuscript to the appropriate journal editor's email address, listed in the "Contact Us" section.

Include a title page with the manuscript which includes the full names, affiliations, address, phone, fax, and e-mail addresses of all authors and identifies one person as the Primary Contact. Put the submission date on the bottom of the title page.  On a separate sheet, include the title and an abstract of 100 words or less. Do not include authors’ names on this sheet.  A final page, “About the authors,” should include a brief biographical sketch of 100 words or less on each author. Include current place of employment and degrees held. References must be written in APA style.  It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that the paper is thoroughly and accurately reviewed for spelling, grammar and referencing.

If your manuscript is accepted, you will be given specific format instructions for printing. These and any other instructions will be provided at the time of your acceptance.

Please review our Ethics and Publication Malpractice statement.

Review Procedure
Authors will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail, including a reference number shortly after receipt of the manuscript.  All manuscripts within the general domain of the journal will be sent for at least two reviews, using a double blind format, from members of our Editorial Board or their designated reviewers. In the majority of cases, authors will be notified within 45 days of the result of the review. If reviewers recommend changes, authors will receive a copy of the reviews and a timetable for submitting revisions. Papers and disks will not be returned to authors. There is no charge for manuscript submissions! 

Accepted Manuscripts 
When a manuscript is accepted for publication, author(s) must provide format-ready copy of the manuscripts including all graphs, charts, and tables.  Specific formatting instructions will be provided to accepted authors along with copyright information. Each author will receive two copies of the issue in which his or her article is published without charge. All articles are copyrighted by the respective journal.  Permission requests for reprints should be addressed to the appropriate Editor. Questions and submissions should be addressed to the specific journal editor listed in the "Contact Us" section. There is no "Publication Fee" or "Submission Fee" for our journals. However, upon acceptance, in an effort to better promote the journals and your work, a one year subscription may be required. The subscription is based on the journal for which your manuscript was accepted. The subscription provides a hard copy of your journal issue and electronic access to all journal issues for one year.

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